About the Golden Ball Hotel

There has been an Inn on this land since the mid-1600s. The main building was built in 1710 with an extension (large room downstairs) added 1790. There are several stories of how the nick name 'Snatchems' came about; one is from when all the local farmers used to gather for a drink in the mid-1700s, in those days many farmers made a living thatching roofs and the pub was nick named 'Thatchems'. But the more interesting explanation is from when the River Lune was used as a shipping channel and as the tall ships were about to sail out on the high tide they would check how many men they had and make up any short-fall by sending a boat across to the pub and 'Snatch' anyone they could...when they sobered up they would be half way to India!

In early 1910 William Mitchell bought the pub and it has been run as a Tenanted house ever since, Mitchells of Lancaster being the Landlords. Early 2010 the last tenants left and the brewery could not find anyone to run the pub so it was closed. Mitchells of Lancaster put the pub up for sale and it was bought early 2011 by Stephen Hunt who would run the pub with his children Joseph and Nicole.

March 2012 a dining room extension was built. Stephen decided to decorate this with antiquities acquired by him so all could enjoy along with the Gillows wall cabinet which dates ironically from the mid-1700s. Whilst connecting the old pub to the new extension he asked the builders to excavate some of the original building exposing the construction left for you to see. Excluding a few key stones, the majority of the cobbles would come from the River Lune.

Stephen Hunt MBII MISM
Golden Ball Hotel
Circa 1710.

The Golden Ball Inn - Snatchems

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