Snatchems Loyalty Scheme

It has always been a fundamental courtesy of mine to share success and reward those who support my business. To that end I have introduced a loyalty scheme offering extra discounts and benefits to all my customers, and even greater benefits to those customers who successfully apply for a Privilege Card.

SNATCHEMS Privileg Cards can be applied for by anyone who feels they may benefit from having one. It is accepted that some people simply do not want to get involved in such things, they will be welcomed the same as people who have cards. I do not think it is fair discriminating between customers with regards to price integrity.


SNATCHEMS Tokens will be given each time you purchase an alcoholic drink.

You save the tokens and receive a discount as stated on the tokens. You simply ask for the tokens when settling your bill. If you qualify for an instant discount then it will be given.

NB. please check with the bar staff for information on any current 'Token' offers.

The Golden Ball Inn - Snatchems